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building community working together The Holly Foundation is a micro-multinational non profit 501(C)3 educational project incorporated in the state of Maryland in March 2008. The Foundation is engaged in developing and supporting holistic education, authentic community building, deep democracy, permaculture and eco-centres worldwide. We are dedicated to the four keys of the ecovillage movement: social, economic, ecological and worldcentric.

The Foundation is committed by a resolution appended to its bylaws to a racially nondiscrimination policy for the selection of students, student scholarships, staff and faculty at all educational Centres established and maintained by the company.

Authentic community, built through harmony-building language, consensus decision making, partnership models, and holistic institutions is the touchstone for creating a new culture of nonviolence and peace. Through working together, playing together, learning together and honestly sharing our joys, pains, feelings, needs and resources with our brothers and sisters of whatever race, creed or religion, we build the authentic community out of which can arise a new sustainable culture of health, wholeness and global justice.

In support of this mission, we conduct these interrelated programs:

Building community playing together  Use Your Vacation to Save the Earth! We support community-based summer schools worldwide. See, for example, the summer 2015 programme in Greece of the Kalikalos Living-Learning Centre and their links pages for a comprehensive list of other holistic education centres in the mediterranean.

  Community Building. We offer trainings and events in authentic community building based on the original model developed by American psychiatrist and writer, M. Scott Peck with significant additions from the practical experience of the ecovillages of Auroville in India, ZEGG in Germany and Findhorn in Scotland.

Building community through sharing together

  Partnership Projects. As a member of GEN-Europe our Kalikalos project collaborates with other Global Ecovillage groups to extend the reach of our own efforts within our overall mission. The Holly Foundation is a member of NFA— New Findhorn Associates, a group of companies dedicated to fostering the spiritual values of the Findhorn Foundation Ecovillage.

  Intern Programmes. We assist the placement of volunteers worldwide in sustainability projects by connecting the young-at-heart into the growing network of international action-learning community building and holistic projects.

 Holly Foundation's subsidiary Juggler Press has been established to publish books and articles in holistic living, authentic community building, self enquiry, radical and eco-psychology.

Get the whole story on the pioneering work of the ZEGG and Tamera communities on love, intimacy and new models of sustainable relationship in their first book published in English, Liberating Love.

See our About Us page for an in-depth overview and more information on how you can help these projects expand to bring our vision of wholeness to more regions, communities and institutions worldwide. building community through learning together

Please consider supporting our on-going efforts in authentic community building, holistic education and sustainable technology education with a tax deductible online donation through Paypal's secure site.

If you would like more information on how to contribute practically to the Holly Foundation vision, please .

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